Main Sewer Line Power Rodding

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    Main Sewer Line Power Rodding

    The main sewer line for your property is the main drain that runs under the home or building and ties in perpendicularly to the city’s main sewer line. All the drain lines in you home tie into this one way or another, typically through branch lines and vertical stack pipes. If your main sewer line starts to get clogged, there are several signs that this is happening.

    1. Water and/or sewage comes up through your drains. This could happen from your toilet, bathtub, sink, floor drain, and even from outside drains.
    2. Toilets and/or other drains run slowly and don’t drain well.
    3. There is a sewer gas odor that can be detected.
    4. The ejector pump is running more often than usual.
    5. The catch basin in the back of the property or basement starts filling up.

    If you notice any of these things happening, then you want to schedule a sewer rodding service as soon as possible. There are different ways in which the sewer can be cleaned out. There is a regular size power rodding machine that has a 5/8” cable inside the machine and can be between 80’ to 100’ in length. The cable will have a head with different types of attachments. The plumber will decide which one to use based on the type of blockage you have. The most basic cutter is a spear head and looks exactly like that. This will go through many size lines and push through a blockage. Then there are different size cutter attachments which include a 6”, 4”, and 2” cutter. Ideally The plumber will insert the head of the cable into the drain access point. This could be from a clean-out, drain stack vertical pipe, floor drain, toilet, pump pit, catch basin, or flood control basin. Once it is in the line, the machine will be turned on and start to spin through the line all the way towards the city main. The cutters will spin through and cut down and push through tree-roots, solid obstructions, or other debris that may be clogging the sewer line. In the instance of a soft blockage, sludge or grease blockage, there is a special attachment that can push that type of debris through more effectively. In some cases, the cable will just go right through grease or sludge and not be able to push it through. If this were the case, you may need to have hydro-jet rodding service. This is a machine that goes into the line in the same way but shoots high pressure water through a specialized head that helps propel the hose through the line and break down and cut through the grease, which will then flush it through the sewer line to the city.

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