Private Drain Program (PDP)

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Private Drain Program

PDP (Private Drain Program) is a partnership between the City of Chicago Department of Water Management and 4S Plumbing. This program enables certified, licensed, bonded, and insured companies like ours to address sewer issues on the city side for eligible residential properties. If you have a broken or unrepairable/clogged sewer line on the city side (from the sidewalk to the street) of a residential property with three units or less, you qualify for the Private Drain Program.


4S Plumbing will handle the coordination and obtain the necessary permit from city hall. Upon issuance of the permit, an inspection date and time will be scheduled, involving both 4S Plumbing and the homeowner. During the inspection, our plumbers will power rod the main sewer line, conduct a video inspection, and locate the sewer to highlight the damaged area to the inspector.


The inspector will then mark the spot with spray paint, and the city will later perform all necessary repairs free of charge.


This program streamlines the process for residents, ensuring efficient resolution of sewer issues without the burden of costly repairs.

Click on the following City of Chicago link for additional information:

For additional information or scheduling, please contact 4S Plumbing at 773-353-3060.

You may also text 312-420-6081 for questions or scheduling