Sink Rodding

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    Sink rodding

    If the sink drain starts running slowly or becomes completely blocked up, sink rodding may be necessary. The plumber would remove the drainpipe P-trap or J-bend assembly and clean out those pipes. Then, they would power rod the drain line going all the way to the larger drain. This should restore the full flow, and the line should start draining properly. Sink rodding is a common plumbing service in Chicago, particularly for emergency situations like these.


    Another effective method for clearing blockages is using a kinetic air ram or blow gun. The plumber would connect the plunger to the drain and close off other drains to prevent air escape. Once charged, the unit builds air pressure, enabling the plumber to shoot different levels of pressure into the line to dislodge the blockage. However, for older pipes, this method may not be advisable as it could potentially cause the pipes to break.


    If you’re facing a sink rodding problem in Chicago, don’t hesitate to contact 4sPlumber for reliable drain cleaning and plumbing services. Our experienced plumbers are equipped to handle emergencies and provide efficient solutions to restore proper drainage.

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