Vacuum Pumper Truck Cleaning

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    Vacuum Pumper Truck Cleaning

    Catch basins and grease traps can be cleaned manually when grease buildup and debris are minimal, requiring basic maintenance. As a rule of thumb, they should typically be cleaned out once a year. However, grease traps may need more frequent cleaning, particularly in restaurants and commercial or industrial properties dealing with significant grease accumulation.


    When the volume of debris becomes excessive, the job necessitates sending a vacuum pumper truck to the property. This truck will pump out all accumulated debris and empty the contents. It will park as close as possible to the grease basin that needs emptying. For residential catch basins located at the back of the property or in the basement, the pumper truck will park in the alley and use several hundred feet of hose to reach the basin that requires pumping out.

    Sewer & Catch Basin Maintenance Program:

    After 4S Plumbing assesses your property’s drainage systems, you may qualify for our maintenance program, offering discounted rates on future main sewer line power roddings, CCTV sewer video-inspections with locate service, and catch-basin cleaning services.


    Participation is optional, and you become eligible after your first service. To maintain eligibility, you must have the service performed annually. We can schedule your future services and remind you when they’re due.


    If not scheduled within a year, you’ll revert to regular pricing, ensuring your drainage systems remain in top shape.

    For additional information or scheduling, please contact 4S Plumbing at 773-353-3060.

    You may also text 312-420-6081 for questions or scheduling