Sewer Video Inspections

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    Sewer Video Inspections

    Sewer Video Inspections: Unveiling Hidden Sewer Line Issues

    Sometimes, standard methods like power rodding or hydro-jetting fail to clear your sewer line. In such cases, there might be stubborn obstructions or structural damage like breakage, collapse, or bellies. Without visibility underground, it’s challenging to determine the root cause.

    Utilizing CCTV Technology for In-Depth Analysis

    With our CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) video inspection service, we can precisely diagnose sewer line issues. Our advanced camera system navigates up to 200 linear or vertical feet of the sewer line, providing real-time footage on a color monitor.

    Enhanced Confidence in Decision-Making

    By visually identifying the problem, you gain confidence in making informed decisions. We offer recordings of the inspection procedure, either on a flash drive or digitally via email, allowing you to review the findings comprehensively.


    With our sewer video inspection service, you can confidently proceed with any necessary repairs or maintenance, ensuring optimal sewer line performance.

    Sewer Locate Service:

    Additionally, the camera head transmits a signal to above ground. The plumber will. Use a specialized wand or locating device that would pick up the signal and we could identify any points of interest above ground. This should be done prior to digging up your sewer for any type of repairs. This service could also be used to map out your service or perform a PDP (Private Drain Program) with the City of Chicago Department of Water Management.

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