Sewer Video Inspections

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    Sewer Video Inspections

    There are times when you are unable to get your sewer line open with standard power rodding, hydro-jetting, or whatever means of sewer cleaning being used. If this is the case, there is likely either some obstruction that is not able to be removed or the sewer is broken, collapsed, or bellied. In these situations, you cannot see underground to tell what is going on. If someone is telling you that you need to do a costly sewer repair, it is likely you would want to verify that it is necessary to dig up the sewer and what is causing the problem. With a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) video inspection of the sewer drain line, we will be able to do just that. We will run the camera reel through the line up to 200 linear or vertical feet. You will then get to see on a color monitor what exactly is causing the problem. We could also provide a flash-drive recording of the procedure or we could email you the digital version of the entire recording with sound. This way you could be confident in any work you move forward with and see any type of issue underground that you would not be able to see without

    Sewer Locate Service:

    Additionally, the camera head transmits a signal to above ground. The plumber will. Use a specialized wand or locating device that would pick up the signal and we could identify any points of interest above ground. This should be done prior to digging up your sewer for any type of repairs. This service could also be used to map out your service or perform a PDP (Private Drain Program) with the City of Chicago Department of Water Management.

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