Power Rodding of Bathtub Drain or Shower Drain

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    Addressing Tub and Shower Drain Blockages with Power Rodding

    When tub or shower drains become backed up due to hair and debris accumulation, it’s crucial to act swiftly. Using a Kinetic Air Ram or blow gun may seem like a quick fix, but it’s not suitable for older drain lines and could cause damage.

    Power Rodding vs. Alternative Methods

    While tools like Kinetic Air Rams might offer temporary relief, power rodding provides a more thorough and long-lasting solution, especially for older drain lines.

    The Power Rodding Process

    First, our skilled plumber identifies the optimal access point, often located behind the tub or shower, typically accessible through an access panel or closet. In the case of bathtubs, power rodding usually begins from the overflow drain. After removing the overflow cap, our plumber employs a cable power rodding machine or handheld pistol rod machine to clear the drain opening.

    Restoring Flow and Functionality

    As the machine works its way through the line, it effectively breaks up debris and captures hair, restoring optimal flow to the drain. Any remaining debris is flushed out through the drain line, ensuring smooth drainage and preventing future backups.

    Final Steps and Clean-Up

    Once the drain is clear, our plumber reassembles the overflow cap and drain assembly if necessary, leaving your space clean and tidy.

    Remember, attempting these procedures without professional assistance can lead to further complications. Trust our experienced team to handle power rodding and restore your drain’s functionality safely and efficiently.

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