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    When a tub or shower drain is backing up, the line is probably getting clogged with hair and other accumulating debris. Once this happens it will likely continue to get worse. Sometimes these blockages can be removed with a Kinetic Air Ram or blow gun. The plumber will use this device to shoot different levels of accumulating pressure through the line to dislodge the blockage. This procedure will not be used on drain lines that are old as this procedure could possibly cause the drainpipe to blow apart or come apart at the connections. Do not try this on your own. It is important a skilled and trained profession perform this procedure to get your drain line open.

    Typically, the best way to clear a tub drain or shower drain line in the most safe and effective manner would be power rodding. The plumber would find the best access point. Sometimes there is a clean-out access available to power rod from. This could be behind an access panel behind the tub or shower, typically in a closet. A bathtub will typically be power rodded from the overflow drain. The plumber would remove the overflow cap. Then the plumber would use a cable power rodding machine or pistol rod handheld machine and run the cable into the drain opening. The machine will then spin through the line and break up any debris in its way or catch hair and other debris so that it could be pulled back. The rest of the debris will be pushed through the line to the larger drain and out towards the main. This will restore full flow to you drain and the sink will drain and flow out with full force. Once this is complete and the line is open, the plumber will reassemble the overflow cap and drain assembly if necessary and clean up the area.

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