Power Rodding of Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, Or Hand Sink

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    Power Rodding is the Safest and Most Effective Drain Clearing Method When it comes to clearing drain lines safely and effectively, power rodding reigns supreme. Here’s how our expert plumbers tackle the job:

    1. Removing Drain Assembly:
      Our plumber begins by dismantling the drain assembly under the sink, which includes the J-bend, P-trap, and tail flange piece. This step allows access to the drain pipe for thorough cleaning.
    2. Utilizing Power Rodding Machines:
      Next, our plumber employs specialized cable power rodding machines or handheld pistol rod machines. These tools are inserted into the drain opening and driven through the line to dislodge any debris or catch hair and other obstructions.
    3. Breaking Up Debris:
      As the machine spins through the line, it effectively breaks up any debris in its path. This ensures that the flow of water is restored to its full capacity, allowing the sink to drain with full force.
    4.  Pushing Debris Through the Line:
      Any remaining debris is pushed through the line to the larger drain and eventually out towards the main. This comprehensive clearing process ensures that your drain functions optimally once again.
    5. Reassembly and Cleanup:
      Once the line is open and the debris cleared, our plumber reassembles the drain piping. This includes reattaching the J-bend, P-trap, and tail flange piece. Finally, we tidy up the area, leaving your space clean and free of any mess.

    Trust our team to handle power rodding with precision and expertise, ensuring that your drains flow smoothly and efficiently.


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